Undertaker's Big Move

03 Ekim 2010 Pazar, 13:59

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Michael Wheeler
Is there some kind of WWE Films/Syfy deal coming

Ronald Parker
what is with all this wrestling crap on syfy

Rajesh Ramakrishnan
lol at the people here ... Smackdown will get
more viewers to SyFy than almost all the programs
here and will gain more than they lose...its
actually a brilliant move by SyFy to get new

Moksha Todd
‎@ Rajesh: Really?!
"Brilliant?" Just how low IS your IQ?

Colin Lamb
Wrestling on SyFy seems out of place, unless you
try to classify it as pure fantasy. I can ignore
it like I ignore Ghost Hunters and other shows of
that ilk, but what I really hate special about the
wrestling is the fact that it frequently runs late
and pushes other shows off by 5 to 10 minutes.

Laura Kingsland Kennison
Can you tell me what wrestling has to do with a
sci fi channel? I've always wondered that?

Rajesh Ramakrishnan
‎@Moksha Yes, from the company point of
view...how is bringing in additional viewers NOT a
brilliant move? How is gaining more people than it
will lose NOT a brilliant move? SyFy is a
corporate entity, not a charitable organisation to
pander to its fans .. it will do what is more
profitable for them

Terri Lerch
It's the fans they need to be listening to,
not their wallets.Without those fans, their would
be no profits to be made... This is not a smart
move. I find nothing "Sci-Fi" about
wrestling. Maybe one of the sports channels should
pick it up. Sci Fi has enough growing viewership
without needing to stoop to this level..

Rajesh Ramakrishnan
New viewers > fans who give up on SyFy ...
simple math gives the answer...if the viewership
was growing at expected levels, SyFy wouldn't
have to go this path... SyFy was stagnating and
programs like Ghost Hunters and now Smackdown have
brought/would bring them the new viewers that they
desperately need....the top viewership in SyFy is
something like 3 million ... Smackdown would get
them at least 2.5 million viewers watching it

Tom Dukes
Hey guys, I went to the otherside for a fraction
of a second, and there is nothing but sadness,
there is no fear, only sadness...you are sad
because you will miss those that are alive you
will miss.

Shannon Niemeyer
WWE Smackdown will the crown jewel on syfy

Suzi Holder
WTF--- watching your crappy movie sharktpuss!!
What a joke---bad plot, stupid animal--looks like
a cartoon!! Then you have someone(from one of your
shows) doing stupid smart ass naration trying to
be funny. Stop making dumb movies and get r...id
of wrestling!!! There's many sci fy already
made Movies. Rent some

Simone Vandenhooff
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Robert Thomas DeMay Jr
Ok how is this SciFi?

Marcel Valdes
alguien habla español

Angela Young
ummm , why would we watch this crap on a Syfy
Channel if we wanted Wrestling watch spike !

Mark Gerrard

Jamerson Harrison

Al Williamson
Why the heck is wrestling on Syfy?

David M***es Durán

Frank TheTank Gomez
wow so many ***ing haters! geez!

Ernie Thomas
taker is the boom

Steve Stronski
lol @ everybody getting mad about this.
Nothing good comes on SyFy and SmackDown will get
better ratings than all the shitty shows on there.

Eric Escalera
Um Rajesh is probably working for this inane
channel or he's smoking crack either way

Robert Serrano Jr.
The Phenom the Undertaker with the Tombstone.

Katherine Timberlake Finerfrock
I just was wondering why Steve is not on the
newest shows. He is missed

Katherine Timberlake Finerfrock
I*** talking about Ghost Hunters.

Harjas Dss
yoyo syfy the deadman

Adam Miron
I Say it's not n Epic fail just watch it
friday it might change your mind!

Sharukh Khan
I dont care

Patty Baxter

Allen Lee
SyFy is getting the WWE show for contractual
reasons. They also have a show on USA on
Monday's. Both stations are ran by the NBC
conglomerate. So, complain all you want or change
the channel ... that simple.

Debbie Huntoon
WWHHOOO CAN'T WAIT!! Been an Undertaker fan
for like forever!! Thx SyFy

Joseph Ashby
make sure to bring the super FANTASTIC super
wrestler of all time MATT HARDY

Frankie Eloi
The first night of Friday Night Smackdown is
tomorrow night and I can't wait!

Mercedes Othieno
Love it :)

Joey Graves

Renee Jones-Cossich
WTF is wrong with Syfy first the name change now
some damn sucky Redneck fake sport. Lost me

Patrick Ryan Gentry
I loved to watch WWF and WCW as a kid. The story
lines *** cliche and boring after a while so I
stopped watching. But what the heck is SciFi
(cause SyFy is totally stupid) doing airing WWE
Wrestling? I *** the Fiction part, but where is
the... Science part? It is a silly move for SyFy
and whatever they spent to convince WWE to move to
SyFy was a waste of money.

Chad Lute
Picking up one wrestling show was bad enough...
but I dealt with it.. one night ruined isn't
too bad there are other channels... but now you
are F*%$ing up Friday... the best night on Sci-Fi
(yes I know you changed the name, that's
another story) ... seriously your not going to
gain as many fans as you are going to loose with
this move! Ditch the redneck trash!!!

Galen L Mack
Allllllllll yall who say wrestling wack yall is.

Otis Wilson
While wrestling is on, I'll be watching
Ghost Adventures on Travel and then switch back to
SyFy to watch Haven!! That solves my issue with
the wrestling

Dan Coburn
Supernatural is on WB tonight. Turn Syfy off.

Joshuan Gutiérrez Fuentes
SmackDown is moving to SyFy!!

Calitos Shunguito
undertaker es el best ;)

Sabrina Smith
I hate it ..put smackdown back to wrere it was i
been whiching that every friday what the hell

Renee Jones-Cossich
Thank the Gods for DVRs I dont have to watch a
redneck sport that makes Bug Zap more

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